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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

In modern world now time is valuable to increase productivity. Here's what small or new businesses owners need to know.

1. Importance of social media to grow your business.

2. Which social media platforms will perform best for own business?

3. Tips to grow business on social media.

4. Social media management tools for business.

1. Importance of social media for your small business.

If you own a business, you must spend time and require skills to present your business and build audience in social media marketing.

Social Media gives quick start for business as you know social media users spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes on social channels every single day.

Why you need social media marketing?

Reach customers and convert follower into buyers.

Increase own business brand awareness & online presence.

Understand your customers better with survey and Feedback

Helps in Building Communities and Build long-term relationships with your customers

2. Which social media platforms will perform best for own business?

Yes, now time to get online when you know well to use social media for business

1. Facebook

2. LinkedIn

3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. Pinterest

6. Google My Business

7. YouTube Channel

3. Social media tips for small business

Once you’ve found the right platforms for your social media marketing, it’s time to start posting. Here are a few social media tips for business to get you started.

1. Plan your content in advance

2. Schedule your posts

3. Commit to engage & community management

5. Sell products and offers on social

Design Tool :- Canva

4. Social media management tools for small business :-

1. Buffer

2. Hootsuite

3. Pallyy

So in the end, if you are serious for you own business and about using social media, you need to investing in a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer or Pallyy might actually save you money in the long run.

Save time and grow your small business using Hootsuite. From a single dashboard, you can publish and schedule messages to all your social media channels, engage your followers, and monitor what people are saying about your brand online. Try it free today.

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